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The MaxVac MV-425-MBS is a single phase turbine vacuum for use in most situations. Powered by a side channel type turbine unit it is completely maintenance free and can provide round the clock service.

This type of motor requires no transmission therefore making it very silent. A thermal switch is fitted in case of overheating. A vacuum gauge is fitted to enable suction levels and helps to detect when the filter is blocked.

The vacuum is fitted with M Class filters which are cleaned using manual filter shake system operated by a handle on the side of the vacuum.

The vacuum is fitted with a bin to collect the waste. A bag can be fitted in the bin as needed.

Turbine Motor
• Use 24 hours a day
• Silent
• Ultra tough and long lasting
• No brushes to change
Compact design

Voltage 230/110v 50/60hz
By Pass Motor 1.8Kw
Vacuum Rate 1800mm/H2O
Filter type Antistatic Polyester
Filter Surface 20000cm2
Protection IP65
Air Flow


Capacity 45L
Noise level 76 dB(A)
Dimensions w55 x d98 x h115 cm
Weight 90kg


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