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The MaxVac MV-470-LBW is a single phase high suction vacuum for wet and dry use. Powered by 3 single phase by-pass motors operated individually. Fitted with a vacuum indicator it is easy to monitor when the filter is blocking up.

The machine also has a metal sieve fitter with a 40ltr capacity to capture any solids sucked up with the liquids. The main drum has a 100ltr capacity. It has a level indicator and discharge valve to drain the liquids.

The suction inlet is tangential thus providing a cyclone effect reducing the risk of clogging and abrasion to the drum.

Triple Motor
• High efficiency suction
High suction
• Removes more debris from the source
• Can carry heavier particles over long distances
Metal sieve
• Separates solids from liquids therefore making disposal of the waste easier


Voltage 230/110v 50/60hz
Power 3.45Kw
Vacuum Rate 2500mm/H2O
Filter type Polyester
Filter Surface 80000cm2
Air Flow


Capacity 100L
Noise level 76 dB(A)
Dimensions w67 x d66 x h116 cm
Weight 48kg


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