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DustBlocker ECO-600

The Dustblocker Eco range is designed with air purification in mind.
Available in various different airflows, Dustblocker Eco can be used in:

• ShopsEco-600.jpg
• Clean production areas
• Office
• Medical
• Gyms
• Computer server rooms
• Printing
• Canteens


This small, quiet and compact DustBlocker  Eco-600 will fit in any waiting room or office. It operates with 2 filters and has an optional Phillips UV-C lamp which helps protect against airborne pathogens creating a safer and healthier indoor environment.



Voltage 230v/ 50/60hz
Power 40w + 40w
Air Power 400-600 M3/h

G4 and F8

Certification DIN EN 779
Weight 24 Kg
Noise level 48/54 dB(A)
Dimensions w38 x d38 x h71 cm