Arbortech Allsaw AS200X XL General Purpose Blades Set

Arbortech Allsaw AS200X XL General Purpose Blades Set

SKU: ARA-00102


The AS200X Quick Switch XL GP Blades can cut masonry up to a depth of 170mm (6 3/4“). Used for general cutting of bricks, and mortar or general masonry cutting, such as cutting large openings into brick walls. Also commonly used in landscaping applications for cutting tree roots or wood through dirt and sand.

Depth: 170 mm (6 3/4“)
Width: 7.2 mm (9/32“)"

General cutting of over-sized bricks and mortar or extra large masonry cuts. The unique cutting action creates very little fly dust protecting the user and creating a cleaner work environment. High precision cutting of square holes without overcutting the corners.

  • Cuts square, cuts deep, cuts safe and cuts with low dust
  • Ideal for use in masonry and landscaping materials where extra cutting depth is required
  • Cuts up to 170mm deep
  • Blades feature re-sharpenable tungsten carbide teeth

What's Included:

  • 2 x AS200X XL GP Blades

Only for use with the AS200X
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