Cutting-Edge: 5 Star Review for the Revolutionary Arbortech Allsaw

Cutting-Edge: 5 Star Review for the Revolutionary Arbortech Allsaw

What makes the Allsaw such a game-changer? 
We recently caught up with Steve Wall from to find out his thoughts on the Arbortech Allsaw. 
Find out more about his testimonial in our blog post below!

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In the heritage, construction and home renovation industries, we at Addex Group know that professionals are constantly on the lookout for innovative tools that can increase their efficiency, improve the final finish, minimise dangerous dust, and generate customer satisfaction which in turn leads to recommendations and more business.

If that’s something you would like to achieve, we’d like to introduce you to the Arbortech Allsaw AS175 - a revolutionary brick and mortar saw that has achieved five-star reviews wherever it’s sold.

What makes the Allsaw such a game-changer?

We recently caught up with Steve Wall from Dampfixer to chat about how the Arbortech Allsaw has helped to completely transform his work.

Find out more about his testimonial in Addex Group’s first blog post!

The Ultimate Cutting Tool

With a remarkable orbital cutting motion and the ability to cut through materials including masonry, timberwork, and even trees, the Allsaw ensures clean and safe cutting with minimal dust generation.

Alongside being extremely popular for repointing and heritage work, the Allsaw proves its versatility in electrical and plumbing work, effortlessly chasing grooves for wiring and pipes.

When you need to install a switch box, this tool can create precise square openings with minimal effort.

It can also work to tooth brickwork for extensions, seamlessly blending new structures with existing ones or if you have hard to replace brickwork that needs a face lift, they can be simply cut out individually and turned around.

Twin-Blade Reciprocal Action

The Arbortech Allsaw’s reciprocal action is a unique feature that sets it apart from all other cutting tools. Unlike conventional saws that operate with a rotating motion, the Allsaw employs a reciprocating or back-and-forth cutting action. This moves the blade in a rapid yet controlled manner, creating a smooth cutting experience.

This one-of-a-kind feature offers several advantages – the main one being that it cuts square with low dust while being precise and with minimal effort. The motion of the blade allows for greater control and manoeuvrability, resulting in accurate cuts even in more challenging materials.

The blade's controlled movement ensures better stability and helps to prevent kickbacks, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries, or the blade getting stuck or jammed in the material being cut.

Another benefit is that the reciprocal action of the Allsaw contributes to reduced dust production. As the blade oscillates, it creates a chiseling effect rather than grinding away at surfaces, significantly minimising the amount of dust being generated during cutting.

Achieve Surgical Precision

Unlike other cutting tools, the Arbortech Allsaw empowers Steve and his team to approach every project with surgical precision and confidence.

The Allsaw is compact, able to fit into tight or awkward spaces, providing users with a controlled and efficient cutting experience. This minimises potential damage to surrounding areas and thus reduces overall time and cost spent on the job at hand – “They get right up against the wall like no other tool will.”

Steve explained that this level of precision is vital in the damp-fixing industry, where being able to make specific cuts in masonry, brickwork or flooring to identify and address the root cause of damp is paramount.

Steve says: “Around the perimeter of a room internally where damp starts forming is due to a connection from the floor where the damp is rising into the actual plaster. The Allsaw can actually burrow around the perimeter of the rooms, separating the floors from the walls so that it breaks the reservoir where it feeds up into the walls. Now, we can aerate this.”

Enhanced Features for Elevated Performance

The latest generation of the Arbortech Allsaw, the AS175, boasts several enhancements that further elevate its performance.

The Allsaw now features a more powerful motor and extended brush life, resulting in a seamless cutting experience and exceptional longevity.

The improved belt drive system, incorporating a heavy-duty triple V belt, not only increases the tool's lifespan but also enables faster and more efficient cuts. Its heavy-duty dust boot effectively collects what dust there is, keeping work areas clean and reducing the risk of operators and clients inhaling harmful silica dust particles.

The Allsaw's vibration reduction feature also enhances ergonomics, enabling extended usage without causing discomfort or fatigue.

Durability and Longevity Are Key Priorities

Steve Wall wholeheartedly praises the Arbortech Allsaw for its exceptional durability and reliability.

In his six years of using the tool, he has not encountered any breakdowns or performance issues, solidifying his trust in the Allsaw's robustness.

The reliability and longevity of the Allsaw has prompted Steve to invest in a further unit, solidifying his unwavering confidence in the tool's capabilities.

Keeping Dust at Bay for Impressive Results

When it comes to refurbishments, Steve mentions that one of the biggest challenges is the dust generated by traditional tools such as circular saws and jackhammers. However, the Arbortech Allsaw has proven to be a game-changer for Steve and his team.

He emphasises how this tool has dramatically reduced dust levels, allowing him to maintain a clean and professional work environment. By effectively isolating the dust to the precise area of operation, the Allsaw ensures that it does not spread throughout the property, minimising time spent on clean-up operations and preventing further property redecoration being required.

He mentions that this also helps to safeguard their professional reputation whilst also attracting potential clients who see that they have the proper tools for the job.

Safeguarding Against Silicosis

Silica dust, a hidden danger within construction materials, poses a significant risk to workers drilling and cutting through bricks, chasing concrete and raking mortar – tasks which can produce very high levels of fine respirable crystalline silica (RCS) particles.

Steve says: “Dust can be the worst things in our trade… that's what makes you ill. And that's why a lot of builders have died young - because of dust.”

Prolonged exposure to RCS can lead to serious respiratory diseases, including lung cancer, silicosis, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Although the Allsaw’s reciprocating blade can dramatically reduce dust generated, we would always recommend the use of a suitable industrial vacuum with M-Class filters or above for use with the Allsaw to remove almost all dust created at source before it gets a chance to spread.

Unanimous Acclaim: Five-Star Reviews

It is worth noting that the Arbortech Allsaw has received five-star reviews wherever it is sold, cementing the Allsaw's status as a revolutionary tool that sets new standards in the building trade.

Builders, DIYers, contractors, and building surveyors alike have commended the Allsaw for its exceptional durability and unparalleled cutting capabilities.

Two Decades of Damp-Busting Excellence

With over 20 years of experience under Steve Hall’s tool belt, he has managed to transform countless homes suffering from damp issues, leaving them dry and free from mould. Steve utilises the latest modern tools to find the root cause of the damp problem, allowing him to resolve the issue and offer advice to prevent it from returning.

Steve’s company, Dampfixer, boasts a 100% success rate in removing damp and keeping homes dry. His impressive experience as a City and Guilds bricklayer, brickwork college tutor, building surveyor, and insurance surveyor contractor showcases his diverse expertise.

With his guidance, his company can provide cutting-edge 360-degree inspection methods to tackle damp issues, wood infection, and structural defects head-on. Find out more about Dampfixer here.

“I’d Recommend the Allsaw to Anyone!”

With Steve Wall's resounding endorsement, it is clear that the Arbortech Allsaw is a must-have tool for anyone in the building trade.

By embracing the latest technology and leaving outdated methods behind, professionals can reap the rewards of cleaner, safer, and more efficient work practices.

Would you like to find out more information about the Allsaw? If so, click here and get in touch with our team here for special dealer pricing.