Rolling Towards a Greener Future with the Latest Street Cleaning Revolution: MAXVAC's Electric Barrow

Rolling Towards a Greener Future with the Latest Street Cleaning Revolution: MAXVAC's Electric Barrow

Introducing MAXVAC's Electric Barrow: The eco-friendly solution transforming waste management and street cleaning. Enhance efficiency and embrace sustainability today!
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MAXVAC - a pioneering leader in eco-friendly street cleansing solutions - have recently launched their brand new ebarrow, a game-changing electric-powered cart specifically designed for waste management.

This brand-new zero-emission electric barrow is setting new standards for the inclusion of a wider range of workers. The ebarrow puts less strain on an operator’s body and the job becomes physically easier leading to greater efficiency with existing operators and opens the door to others who may not have historically been up to using a traditional cart for the duration of a complete shift.

Ultra-Safe Street Cleaning

Safety is paramount during street cleaning tasks, and the MAXVAC ebarrow ensures the well-being of both operators and pedestrians.

Purpose-built for use in pedestrianised areas, it features an electric brake system that ensures effortless navigation on bustling streets and challenging terrains. This innovative feature securely holds the wheelbarrow, preventing inadvertent rolling during street cleansing operations. This electric braking system also provides smooth, responsive stops, ensuring reliable control over the barrow.

The electric-powered wheelbarrow is also equipped with flashing amber lights to ensure clear visibility, effectively warning pedestrians of its presence, and features an integrated horn to alert others in busy work areas.

Safety measures are enhanced with the inclusion of an emergency stop button on the ebarrow, offering a quick and reliable method to halt operations in critical situations.

Additionally, this electric barrow is equipped with a front anti-tipping bar for optimum stability during operation, minimising the risk of any accidents and making it ultra-easy to steer.

Comfortable-To-Use Electric Barrow

The ebarrow has been specially designed to accommodate an ageing workforce. The electric-powered drive significantly reduces physical strain, making street cleaning safer and more accessible for workers of all generations.

Using traditional, manual push barrows can be an exhausting experience; they require significant physical effort to move, especially when dealing with heavy loads or navigating gradients.

Alongside this, the lack of proper support and braking mechanisms may make it challenging to control its movement, making the task even more strenuous.

In contrast, the ebarrow offers a revolutionary solution that eliminates tiring manual labour for effortless operation.

Two XL Bins for Extra Efficiency

The MAXVAC ebarrow streamlines street cleaning tasks with its dual waste containers, efficiently managing urban waste for a cleaner environment.

With these two XL 70L bins, you can easily clean up litter and debris from expansive areas without having to keep making extra trips to empty them.

Reliable Electric-Powered Barrow

Charging is convenient and accessible. The ebarrow can be charged using a standard 13A 3-pin plug, allowing for easy charging at any location.

No punctures, no problems! Equipped with anti-puncture tires, the MAXVAC ebarrow ensures street cleaning professionals can work without disruptions, even in challenging environments with sharp debris such as broken glass.

Convenience and Connectivity

Designed with modern workers in mind, the ebarrow includes a lockable personal storage compartment, a USB charging socket, and a phone pocket. These features allow operators to stay connected and powered up while efficiently managing their street cleaning tasks.

ebarrow with Enhanced Productivity

The MAXVAC ebarrow features a robust battery system, granting an impressive 8-9 hours of autonomy from a single charge.

This extended battery life empowers operators to tackle their cleaning responsibilities without worrying about frequent recharging.

It also features multiple broom and tool storage clips – including space for a swish broom, shovel, hoe, channel broom and 2-foot broom – ensuring all essential equipment stays neatly organised and accessible, enabling swift access and seamless workflow during street cleansing activities.

Optional Pumped Wash Down Lance

For an even more versatile street cleansing experience, you can opt to include a pumped wash down lance, combined with a 30L water container. This is ideal for cleaning bins, bus stops, furniture and handrails, and washing away dirt.

Suitable For a Huge Range of Industries

The ebarrow is so versatile, it can be used in a wide variety of industries:

Waste Collection Services: The ebarrow will provide waste collection teams with a more sustainable and energy-efficient solution for collecting and transporting rubbish in urban and residential areas.

Facilities Management: In commercial and public spaces, the MAXVAC electric wheelbarrow simplifies waste management tasks, making it easier to clear rubbish and debris from premises, for a cleaner and more hygienic environment.

Parks and Recreation: Parks, recreational areas, and outdoor event venues can benefit from the ebarrow for efficiently collecting and removing rubbish.

Construction Sites: This electric wheelbarrow can be used to clear construction waste and debris, improving your site's cleanliness and safety.

Retail and Commercial: Supermarkets, shopping centres, and retail outlets can utilise the ebarrow for ultra-easy rubbish collection, ensuring tidy premises and enhancing the shopping experience.

Educational Institutions: Schools, colleges, and universities can rely on this electric barrow for efficient rubbish collection, contributing to a clean and organised campus.

Hospitality and Catering: In hotels, restaurants, and event venues, this MAXVAC wheelbarrow can assist with rubbish removal, making it easier for staff to maintain a clean and pleasant atmosphere for guests.

Local Council Services: Municipalities and local councils can deploy the ebarrow for street cleaning and rubbish collection, making waste management more efficient and eco-friendly.

Invest in a MAXVAC Electric-Powered Wheelbarrow

The MAXVAC ebarrow stands as a powerful game-changer, revolutionising street cleaning and simplifying tasks in various other industries across the UK.

Because of its electric-powered design, this innovative wheelbarrow offers a greener and more efficient alternative to traditional barrows, reducing physical strain on workers and enhancing productivity.

From event venues and parks to councils and campuses, the MAXVAC ebarrow can help make waste management tasks more manageable and efficient. Why not book a demonstration to see how the ebarrow works for your business?

Get in touch with our helpful and friendly team today to find out more or book your demonstration by clicking here.