MAXVAC BenchVac BV1500E

MAXVAC BenchVac BV1500E

Sale price£3,295.00 £3,954.00 £3,954.00 incl VAT


The MAXVAC Benchvac has been designed for Manufacturing Plants, Repair Centers, and
Construction Sites to provide high levels of air filtration and decrease airborne dust particles.
This keeps products and workplaces free from dust, improving operator conditions and ensuring a healthier workforce.

With HEPA filters you can be certain that the filtration is to the highest standard protecting both you and the people you are working with.

  • The BenchVac can also be fitted with the optional DustTop for capturing large volumes of dust.
  • Non-mark lockable wheels
  • Variable Speed
  • High-Efficiency Suction bed
  • Fold-Back Side Panels

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