MAXVAC BenchVac WT1450 with downdraft and rear extraction 415V

MAXVAC BenchVac WT1450 with downdraft and rear extraction 415V

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In the bustling world of commercial and industrial operations, safeguarding your workers from potentially harmful fumes and dust is paramount. That's where the MAXVAC BenchVac WT1450 comes into play. This cutting-edge downdraft table, crafted for the UK market, is not just a piece of equipment; it's your silent guardian, diligently protecting your team's health and ensuring a clean, pollutant-free environment.

Versatile Applications
Whether you're grinding, welding, painting, applying adhesives, or involved in any process that generates hazardous fumes and dust, the MAXVAC BenchVac is your ideal solution. Inhaling these contaminants can pose a significant risk to operators' health. With our downdraft table, you can rest easy knowing that every particle is efficiently captured, preventing harmful substances from entering the operator's breathing space.

Customization at Your Fingertips
We understand that no two tasks are the same. That's why our downdraft table is designed for customization. It can be equipped with a range of platforms and grids, tailored to your specific work requirements. This versatility ensures that you get the right tool for the job, every time.

Automated Filter Cleaning
We've taken the hassle out of filter maintenance. The MAXVAC BenchVac WT1450 boasts an automatic filter cleaning system. Compressed air efficiently cleans the cartridge filter, saving precious time and effort for the operator. As an optional upgrade, you can enjoy the benefits of a HEPA filter, ensuring the highest standard of filtration.

Sparks Separator for Added Safety
Safety is at the core of our design. The included spark separator serves as both a shield and a filter protector. It prevents sparks and blunt objects from reaching the cartridge filter, ensuring your system remains in optimal working condition. No more worries about clogging or damage to the filtration system.

Impressive Specifications

  • Work Surface: 150 x 100 cm
  • Filtering Surface: 26 m²
  • Nominal Air Flow: 2700 m³/h
  • Motor: 1.1 kW
  • Durable Construction: Grey Powder-Coated Sheet Metal

Standard Equipment Included

  • Automatic Filter Cleaning System with Compressed Air Jets
  • Integrated Fan for Efficient Extraction
  • Ergonomic Operator Seat for Comfort
  • Spark Arrestor for Enhanced Safety
  • Switchboard for Easy Control

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