5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Addex Urban at the Resource and Waste Management Expo

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Addex Urban at the Resource and Waste Management Expo

Join Addex Urban at the Resource and Waste Management Expo, happening on September 13th-14th at the NEC Birmingham.

We'll be bringing you giveaways and special show benefits you won't want to miss!

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Get ready to dive into the future of waste management, sustainability, and innovation at the highly anticipated Resource and Waste Management Expo, happening on September 13-14 at the NEC Birmingham. Make sure you don't miss Addex Urban at stand LR36 – we're bringing you an array of compelling reasons to be part of this groundbreaking event:

1. A Chance to Win Big and Power Up Your Waste Management Game!

We’d like to introduce you to the brand-new ebarrow, just launched this week, which is set to become a true game-changer in the world of waste management.

Equipped with a huge range of safety features, the MAXVAC ebarrow streamlines street cleaning tasks with its XL 70L dual waste containers, efficiently managing urban waste for a cleaner environment.

Using traditional, manual push barrows can be an exhausting experience; they require significant physical effort to move, especially when dealing with heavy loads or navigating gradients.

In contrast, the ebarrow offers a revolutionary solution that eliminates tiring manual labour for effortless operation.

The MAXVAC ebarrow features a robust battery system, with an impressive 8-9 hours of autonomy from a single charge.

We'll be giving away an ebarrow to one lucky attendee! Visit us on stand LR36 on either of the show days to be in with a chance of winning your very own ebarrow to revolutionise your street cleaning tasks.

2. Place an Order and Enjoy Free VIP Treatment!

At Addex Urban, it’s not just about cutting-edge innovation; we want to help boost your efficiency and success. When you place an order for any machine at Addex Urban's stand during the show, you'll unlock an exclusive perk: a complimentary 12-month Repair & Maintenance package.

As an exclusive RWM Live benefit, you're not just acquiring state-of-the-art technology; if you have any issues with your machinery, our skilled experts are dedicated to getting you back in action within 48 hours. It's time to experience seamless operations and hassle-free maintenance like never before.

Not only that, but regular maintenance is the cornerstone of machinery longevity. Just like a well-oiled engine runs smoothly and endures for the long haul, well-maintained electric machinery has a longer lifespan too.

Our Repair & Maintenance package ensures that your brand-new street cleaning machine undergoes the care it deserves within its first year with you.

3. Get Ready as We Unveil Our Newest Showstopper!

Are you prepared for the big reveal?

Addex Urban will be pulling back the curtain on a brand new, exciting product exclusively at RWM 2023!

Join us ahead of the official product launch to be among the first to witness this cutting-edge waste management solution. This is your chance to see innovation in action, as we showcase our commitment to onboarding customer feedback, pushing boundaries and delivering solutions that drive change.

4. Be Part of the Biggest Event for Waste, Resource, and Sustainability Professionals

RWM Live is the UK’s most important event for professionals in waste management, resource utilisation, and sustainability.

Attracting over 12,000 attendees, featuring 300+ expert speakers, and housing 550+ cutting-edge suppliers, this event offers an unparalleled opportunity to find out more about the latest industry advancements.

One of RWM Live's most anticipated opportunities is the ability to foster connections that extend beyond the event's duration.

Professionals from diverse backgrounds gather to network, collaborate, and exchange ideas. These interactions often become the catalysts for strategic partnerships and collaborations that help propel businesses forward.

There’s also the opportunity to find out more about the sector, stay ahead of the curve and get some helpful tips by listening to the huge range of guest speakers.

5. Join Us at RWM Live for Free – Register for Your Ticket Today!

By attending RWM Live, you get all these benefits - and guess what?

Entry is absolutely 100% free!

This is your golden opportunity to join Addex Urban at the UK's biggest event for waste, resource, and sustainability professionals.

Gain invaluable knowledge, connect with industry experts, and explore the latest trends and technologies that will shape the future of waste management and sustainability.

Register for your free tickets here.

In a Nutshell

The Resource and Waste Management Expo is your gateway to a world of waste management innovation and sustainable solutions.

The huge number of show-exclusive benefits we offer at stand LR36 add another layer of excitement to what will be a powerful and inspiring event!

Not only will you be able to view the ebarrow and our brand-new mystery product launch, but you’ll also get a chance to see:

Addax Utility Vehicle - The Addax MT is an electric utility vehicle designed for urban environments, parks, and industries. With its exceptional manoeuvrability and small turning radius, it's well-suited for confined spaces, such as narrow streets and warehouses. The vehicle comes in different configurations to adapt to a wide range of tasks.

Maxwind Street Sweeper - The Maxwind is designed for precise and efficient urban cleaning. Its mechanical suction and filtering system allows it to sweep quickly while collecting waste of all sizes from different terrains. This quiet and powerful sweeper makes it quick and easy to clean even the dirtiest of streets.

Maxwind Hydro Street Washer - The Maxwind Hydro stands out as the world's only fully electric pavement washer. Ideal for cleaning a range of environments, indoors and outdoors, it also comes equipped with a hand lance to clean furniture, bins, signs, and more to the same high standard.

Smartwind Pedestrian Sweeper - The Smartwind boasts innovative features like an electric high dump system and simple joystick control. Its compact design, zero CO2 emissions, and reduced noise level make it suitable for interior and exterior cleaning tasks in a variety of environments.

Electra 2.0 Evos - The Electra is a fully electric compact sweeper offering advanced technical features and outstanding sweeping performance. It manages to do all this whilst also prioritising operator comfort, with a panoramic cab, wide twin seats, and air conditioning.

Gladiator Gum Remover - The MV7000 Gladiator is a stainless steel, purpose-built solution for effectively removing gum and grime from pavements and streets. Using low-pressure steam and natural, bio-degradable detergents, it penetrates surfaces to gently lift contaminants, and its unique vacuuming system ensures controlled disposal.

Hot Box Pressure Washer - The Hot Box Trailer is a versatile pressure washer unit suitable for a wide variety of applications. With its own water storage, it can operate in remote locations, making it especially suitable for councils, grounds maintenance, contractors, and high footfall areas. It offers a diesel-powered boiler and options for petrol or diesel engines.

Stint - The Stint Pickup is a sustainable solution for landscaping, housekeeping, and maintenance tasks in holiday parks and a variety of other sites. Its multifunctional design, EURO pallet space, and 350kg loading capacity make it a versatile choice no matter your cleanup needs.


Don't miss out on this opportunity to be a part of the movement toward a greener and more sustainable future. Join Addex Urban at RWM Live on 13-14 September by getting your free tickets now.